Welcome to the North Richmond Network, home of SQL Clinic and U.S. branch of the Regina Project. This site is dedicated to the memory of Peter Puckall
(1954 - 2002), founder of the Regina Project.
SQL Clinic - Bridging the gap between Non-Profit and Open Source

Download SQL Clinic (Current Versions: 4.1.0 Stable)
SQL Clinic Test Drive (Postgres Version Demo)
SQL Clinic Test Drive (MySQL Version Demo)

The SQL Clinic Electronic Medical Record is an Open Source Project sponsored by:
Residential Services, Saint Vincent's Hospital Westchester,
A Division Of Saint Joseph's Medical Center

For more information contact info AT sqlclinic.net

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  • Administrative Tools
  • Built In DBA Utilities
  • Complete Clinical Chart
  • Email Alerts, Reports and Reminders
  • Intake and Placement Tracking
  • Integrated DSM IV
  • Quality Assurance Instruments
  • Purchase Orders
  • Unit (Shift) Logs
  • Work Orders

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Many thanks to our long time host and Regina Project member Alf Stockton

The original SQL Clinic (1.0) was written by the Regina Project Development Team:

Thomas Altfather Good, Ingo Assenmacher, Ariel Brosh, Michael Lavery, Phil Lawrence, Robert March, Peter Puckall, Dieter Simader and Alf Stockton. Thanks to Randall Hansen, Michael Meskes and Edmund Mergl.

SQL Clinic is maintained by Thomas Altfather Good (tag At reginaproject.net)